Saturday, October 24, 2015

Okay, it is enough to make me believe in God

I confess (and I mean that literally) that I have numerous times turned and run from God. I have
Worship at The Fountain Church, Pleasanton
squabbled and disagreed and said, "If I were God, things would not be this way." I then proceeded to invent my own God, to fit in with the way I thought things should be. That has to be the height of silliness, doesn't it? Because one thing I can tell you for certain, and that is that I am not fit to be God. I am barely fit to be a creation, much less the creator of the Creator. I am confused, not always nice, and when I am nice, I allow my empathy to overrun common sense and reality. For example, does anybody want to come and deal with the nuisance that ten or so feral cats have become as they have overrun and destroyed my back yard because I can't stop feeding them? Someone really wise, like God, might have known that the path of empathy is not always the path of wisdom and can lead to some really bad consequences.

Love wins, but sometimes Love must be tough, and sometimes being tough ultimately prevents more suffering.

But the bottom line, why believe? It is simply that I have been called to believe. From the deep desire to know God that I felt as a nine year old, to now, decades later, my heart is just drawn to know and follow God. And quite honestly, God's heart seems to be inclined to me as well because he let me wander, but he never left me alone. Even in the preceding blog, I could see that God was acting in my life, on my behalf, even when I didn't want to acknowledge it. There have been other pretty dramatic answers to prayer in my life as well. It's like God kept tapping on my shoulder, saying hey, you belong to me you know. 

Faith. Simple as that. God draws me to himself. 

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