Saturday, April 20, 2013

Medical breakthrough of the year!

In recent years, I have developed allergies. My nose gets so bad from time to time that I am pretty much unable to function and there is nothing to do but take Bemadryl and zonk out for awhile. For awhile they got a lot better, hardly bothering me at all, and then they started getting much worse. I thought it was Springtime, but I began to notice a correlation with my diet. As long as I'd been following a strictly vegan diet I'd been good. But then I started consuming dairy products kind of regularly. There was a protein bar that had milk in it I really liked, and I was eating cheese and yogurt for awhile there, and my allergies were more or less bothersome. Then on my son's birthday I ate lots of dairy. I had pizza, quite a lot, and buttercream frosting on the cake, and a little bit of ice cream as well. And the next day my allergies were so bad I could not stand it. There wasn't any way to avoid wondering if the extreme dairy consumption was related to the extreme allergic reaction. So I started experimenting, and there definitely seemed to be a relationship.

I have to tell you, I am more than happy to never eat a dairy product ever again in my life if it means never suffering an allergy attack like that again. Pizza? No longer a temptation. I look at dairy and I turn away in disgust.

But this got me wondering. I have already told you all that I have a problem with food. I may happily and easily quit consuming dairy because I know it will cause me to suffer. But the fact is that I continue he to eat in a way that can cause me to suffer far more in the future. Those really bad "allergic reactions," better known by names like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, are not generally immediate reactions to a food we eat. We can't actually feel the damage those foods are doing to our bodies until it's too late.  I was thinking, if they want to invent a pill that will actually cure diabetes, they should simply come up with something that makes you just plain FEEL AWFUL if you consume too many calories or carbohydrates.

I know, I know, don't get your knickers in a knot. I'm aware of the fact that this would not be a best selling pill. Well, unless they lied, said it did something else essential and that you will die if you don't take it, and sorry about that nasty side effect. But my point isn't actually this pill. My point is our own stupidity. Well, my stupidity. If I KNOW the effect these foods will have on me, why can't I be intelligent enough to not eat them? Yes, it's the concept of delayed gratification, but honestly why oh why oh why does that even enter into it? The good part of eating these foods, the part where their taste or texture is giving me good feelings, is extraordinarily tiny.  How long does it take you to eat?  Not long. Then it's over and there is no more enjoyment. But the bad effects will last a lot longer, a lifetime even, a lifetime perhaps cut short.  The enjoyment of good health in each moment is far more gratifying, and lasts far longer. It is just plain good sense.

If I can happily give up dairy products because I can't stand having a stuffy sneezy nose, I should be able to give up the foods that will clog my arteries, raise my blood sugar, and perhaps make my cells want to misbehave. Right? Right. It is simply common sense.


  1. Ohh gosh! I sooooo understand this struggle!! Long ago I read 2 helpful books called "Fat is a Feminist issue" and "Sugar Blues".The books gave me alot of insights and tools for change.
    Though I loved Dairy for decades I now enjoy Soy,Almond,& rice milk:)...Thanks for sharing.

  2. I read fat is a feminist issue many, many years ago. I recall enjoying it, but don't really remember what it said. Was there anything in particular that helped you in these books?

  3. It has been a long time for me too!! Though I too can not remember specific content the residual effects of this book remain .It was NOT an enjoyable book for was more like Castor Oil –not wanted but needed :/ At the time I was not a Feminist but a perplexed woman defeated by the surprising inability to tend with my weight issues. The impact of the presentations in the book left me feeling indignant! It fueled me with understanding concerning societies messages , the effects of media on my life & food choices. It empowered me to begin the journey away from being like Pavlov’s dog (ring the bell and I salivate LOL) to considering options when presented. Eventually I became gentler with judging myself, bought nice clothes to fit my current weight with a vow to pass them on when I outgrew them and entered the fun adventures of learning Healthy food choices. …..Here is an excerpt from a Blog book summary “By Jill April 9, 2012” I found while trying to refresh my mind on the Books’s content:…

    ”Fat Is a Feminist Issue connected the dots between two parallel causes for human rights while championing the individual’s right to be healthy and happy at every size. Orbach’s pioneer insistence that feminists needed to talk about body image and compulsive eating, while fat activists had to acknowledge issues of gender and difference, united two notorious social-activist movements that made progress possible across a dual spectrum of civil rights.”

  4. The 2nd Book “SUGAR BLUES” impacted my life (in the 1990’s) with profound understanding of the physical challenges I confronted daily re the delicious poison , it’s hidden presentations (even curing tobacco for cigarettes with it!), & destructive effects on health.. Most important it gave a hope-filled example of an overcomer with some “how to” steps & b4 and after pictures that speaks volumes.. Thanks to your blog I am going to reorder these 2 books and review the info. So much of the understandings flew out the window with my current journey into hormone leaping Menopause. One woman told me that because of completely removing sugar from her diet, unlike me, nearly daily cravings & hot flashes are not an issue. Another friend who has battled severe obesity for 50 yrs continues in daily victory-during menopause- through a 12 step program called O.A. (overeaters anonymous). She is dairy-fried foods & sugar free, has lost 100+ pounds, has bountiful supportive friends, a spiritual foundation, and power walks in a pool several times a week!......Here are a few SUGAR BLUE’S book reviews from “” I found….Thanks for bringing up the subject I sure needed these reminders:)